Carbon Fibre Tiller Extensions – Time to Upgrade!

Coming off the heels of an exhilarating dinghy show, GOAT Marine proudly emerges as the go-to source for the finest tiller extensions in the market. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality, strength, lightness, and above all, safety, our latest line of tiller extensions is a testament to our 25 years of expertise in developing top-tier carbon products for the dinghy sector.

At GOAT Marine, we take pride in crafting the strongest and lightest carbon products by leveraging our unique composite materials, honed through years of experience in the dinghy sector. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our innovative energy-efficient cooking system, ensuring not only a lighter carbon footprint but also a more consistently finished product.

While many may view a tiller extension as a functional accessory, our offerings at GOAT Marine redefine the standards. Here’s why our tiller extensions stand out:

Lightweight Mastery: Weighing in at an astonishing 100g per meter, with the end stopper and feral adding a mere 20g, our extensions are half the weight of most competitors, providing unparalleled agility without compromise.

Impressive Durability: Engineered with aerospace materials, our extensions boast impact resistance, ready to tackle the wear and tear of intense racing conditions.

Strength Redefined: Balancing strength with weight, we employ high modulus composite materials to create extensions with optimum deflection, enhancing the breaking load curve.

Enhanced Grip: Our moulded grip not only provides a comfortable hold but gains friction when wet, ensuring a secure grip in any conditions.

Safety First: A Revolutionary Approach

By now, you might be pondering, “How can a tiller extension enhance safety?” The reality is, traditional carbon extensions have garnered a dubious reputation for shattering, resulting in scattered carbon fibre splinters with the potential to pose risks, especially to the eyes. But fear not, as our meticulous composite material selection ensures a breakthrough in safety. In the unlikely event of an extension break, rest assured that our innovative materials eliminate the shattering effect, prioritizing your safety on the water. This commitment to safety has led a prominent youth class to adopt our extensions as standard on all new race boats.

Discover Your Upgrade:

Explore our range, offering 19mm, 22mm, and 25mm diameter tiller extensions, with options for full or half grips, and lengths ranging from 0.6M to 2.5M. Additionally, experience the pinnacle of innovation with our extendable twist-lock tiller extensions, available in lengths from 1m to 1.8m and a smaller 0.8m to 1.4m – the longest extendable options on the market.

Upgrade your sailing equipment today by securing a new Carbon Tiller Extension from our collection.